Guest Books that Matter

The guest book serves as an important record of your wedding; something that you can look back on in 50 years time and think, “Oh yeah, they were there too! Remember how they rocked the d-floor?!”. However, there’s nothing more boring than looking back through your guest book and finding the classic “Wishing you all the best, love Aunty Marg”.

So what’s the alternative? Well, if you haven’t already, have a quick search on Pinterest and you will find everything from signing mirrors to date jars to signed Jenga pieces! Today I’m going to share with you my guest book, how I made it and why I loved it so much.

Photo Credit: Wood & Flame

the guest book

James and I opted for a “Guest Book Jar” which was my way of mashing two ideas I had seen on Pinterest – the date jar, and the advice jar. Our guest book jar had our guests filling out a quick questionnaire which asked them for their best date idea, their top marriage advice and their favourite thing about our wedding. They then rolled up the form and put it in our jar for us to keep for years to come!

how to make it

Step 1: Design a quick template on Canva or Visme. These websites usually have a free trial option so there is no cost! Add some fancy font, a bit of imagery and you’re done! If you’re not the creative type then you can always purchase a printable template from Etsy. Tip: Designing your own means you can make it more personal. We added our names and were able to include the questions we really wanted!

Step 2: Print your templates. We opted for A5 size – it needs to be short and sweet so that guests make the effort to fill it in. An A4 size questionnaire looks too much like a medical centre registration form! Tip: Print your templates on thick paper to give them a more lux feel. You should only need to print enough for 2/3 of your guest list, as most couples will fill it out together.

Step 3: Purchase a large jar and some chalk board contact paper. I purchased both of these items from Kmart. The jar was $6 and the contact was $3! Cut the contact paper to the size, write your label and then stick it on the jar. Tip: For added styling, also purchase a stand, tray or clipboard to mount your templates on. I found mine in the photo frame section of Kmart, again for just a few dollars.

Step 4: Finish it off with a jar of elastic bands and a jar of pens! You can style your table with anything and everything! I had one of my dear friends from Xelastudio craft me a lovely wooden sign and I added a heap of greenery and foliage. Tip: For a more personal touch, also add some photos of you and your partner for your guests to swoon over!

why i loved it

Stock standard is not our style. James and I wanted to have something that we could read after our wedding and honeymoon, that would make us remember the amazing time we had and the amazing people we shared it with.

We loved reading the ridiculous advice from our bachelor friends, and the heartfelt advice from our grandparents. There were several crazy date ideas, and we now have a whole year’s worth of date nights ready to go!

Above all, on our 50th wedding anniversary, when James and I are old and wrinkly, we hope this guest book jar will bring a smile to our face, a tear to our eye and good laugh or two!

Photo Credit: Wood & Flame

Much love,


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