How to Save on the Booze

Booze is one of the big expense items involved in planning and hosting any Australian wedding. Besides wanting to serve up some decide beverage choices (i.e. avoid the goon sack, it’s not a good choice), you also have to cater for all of your friends, your family and your alcoholic uncle, and this, adds up to some serious cash.

So, I’m going to share with you 5 tips to help you save some coin when putting in your grog order.

1. Calculate your alcohol needs

Some suppliers will help you to calculate how much alcohol you should serve up for your wedding; however, if you want to limit excess spending, then it’s best to take into account all of your guests’ drinking habits. You should consider the number of guests who will be drinking at your wedding (i.e. remove any non-drinkers and designated drivers). You should also consider what type of alcohol your guests are likely to drink and how much they are likely to drink, and order accordingly. For example, usually women will drink less than men, and usually men will choose beer over wine. This helps you to narrow down the amount of each drink you’re purchasing. In saying this, ALWAYS incorporate a buffer. I think I would have rather tripped down the aisle than run out of alcohol mid-way through our reception!

2. Use a buy-back service

As we mentioned above, you should include a buffer in your alcohol calculations, so if all goes to plan then you should have some alcohol left over at the end of your wedding. To save a bit of money, source your alcohol from a provider who has a buy-back policy available. Usually the business will only buy-back cartons that are unopened, so just be aware of this before you unpack all of your alcohol into eskies!

3. Pre-purchase alcohol

Possibly the biggest money-saver is to pre-purchase your alcohol when the sales are on! There is a couple of ways to do this. You can purchase the alcohol directly and store it in your home until your big day or, you can find an amazing supplier who will allow you to pre-purchase the alcohol and pick it up closer to your wedding date! Regardless, take advantage of sales and specials in the months before your wedding rather than doing a last minute dash and being stuck paying full price!

4. Limit your alcohol options

You’re not going to please everyone’s alcohol preferences, so it’s best to limit your options to a few decent beers and wines, and if you’ve got it in your budget, a couple of spirits or a signature cocktail. Ultimately, people will drink what you provide (so long as it’s at least half-decent), so don’t feel pressure to go overboard with your alcohol menu. This will just increase your bill!

5. Opt for bar service instead of table service

If you decide to have table service during your reception, then you can expect to have to pay for several additional waiters to allow for this. Opting for bar service only will save you some cash. If you’re worried about the bar line getting too long, here’s a couple of things you can do to control the demand:

  • Ensure guests know to grab a drink before they sit down for dinner
  • Have non-alcoholic drinks available for self-serve in an esky
  • Use bottled beers, instead of tap, to speed up service
  • Have minimal mixed drinks available as these take longer to prepare and serve

So there you have it – 5 ways to save a bit of coin on your alcohol bill!

With love,