3 reasons to elope besides saving money

Before we get started, let’s get a two things straight.

  1. Elopements are not always shotgun weddings held at the local court. When I talk about elopements I’m talking about a wedding that is an intimate and raw experience of love shared between two people and crafted to reflect their unique journey. These elopements may be witnessed by the bare minimum (2 other people) or they may be witnessed by a small group of loved ones. Regardless, what defines them as an elopement is their intimacy, their honesty and their intention to focus solely on the union of two people.
  2. Saving money is not the only reason to elope! In fact, I’m going to share with you three reasons to elope that have nothing to do with money!
Photo Credit: James White Photography

more intimacy

Traditional weddings are full of distractions. Lovely, beautiful distractions; the numerous guests, the 5-piece band, the huge floral installations, the endless food, the 3-teir cake, the speeches, the fanfare…

As I said, these are all lovely and beautiful things, and when they are brought together in just the right way, we can create the most amazing wedding day. I speak from experience here – I had the big wedding and it was hands down, the best day of my life!

However, it’s definitely not for everyone. If you don’t want the distractions… If you don’t want the fanfare… If you don’t want to hug every living relative you have straight after saying I do!… If all you really want is to marry the love of your life and be able to embrace and cherish that moment… Well then, that’s a bloody good reason to elope!

less stress

A lot of people find planning a wedding stressful. *Cue plug for wedding planners*. This is where wedding planners come in! We look after all of the stressful things for you like chasing up quotes from vendors, booking site visits and tracking your budget.

However, there is one key element you have to consider when planning a wedding which you don’t have to stress about when planning an elopement. And that is other people.

Again, speaking from experience… I spent hours agnoising over our guest list and once we finally decided who was actually going to be invited to our wedding, I then spent hours worrying about whether they would like it or not! Will they like the food? Have we bought enough alcohol? Will they like the venue?…

Now as a wedding planner I should be saying to you, “you don’t need to worry about anyone else; it’s your day!”, and whilst that is true, I’ve also been there and done that and I know that stressing about these little things is a reality of planning a wedding.

Fact is, when you elope the only people you have to worry about satisfying is yourself and your partner, and that is a huge weight off your shoulders.

unlimited Freedom

So when you elope you have no one else to worry about except yourself and your partner. You go from thinking about what your wedding should look like to thinking about what your wedding could look like.

In other words, eloping gives you freedom. When you don’t have to think about feeding a hundred people, or how grandma is going to get to the ceremony, or how you’re going to entertain your nieces and nephews; when all you have to think about is you and your partner and what you really want your wedding ceremony to be, well… You could go anywhere. You could do anything. And that, is the most exciting thing about eloping.

You could hike to the top of a mountain and say your vows; you could stand at the foot of a cascading waterfall or on the edge of a cliff overlooking a sweeping valley and declare your unwavering commitment. The possibilities are endless and you have the freedom to craft a wedding experience that is truly unique to you and your partner.

So yes, eloping may be cheaper because you don’t have to pay for a large venue, 3-course meal and booze for a hundred people; however, saving money is not the real reason why you should choose to elope. If all you really care about is sharing the most intimate and honest moment of your life with your partner, and you don’t want any one or anything getting in the way of that, then that is the real reason to elope.

With love,


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