adventure elopements

For the truly wild at heart, we offer bespoke adventure elopements. This is not a shotgun wedding, this is a curated elopement for the truly natural and untamed couple, that showcases the great outdoors and you’re love of adventure.

the vision

Picture this: you and your other half hiking to the top of a mountain (or the bottom of a waterfall or to a secluded beach or any other adventure you can imagine); the great Australian landscape is your backdrop. You do a quick costume change, grab your bouquet and look up at your other half. You hold hands and you say your vows to each other. There’s no mic, no fanfare, just you and them. You kiss. You get some epic photos to remember this moment by; photos that illustrate your love for each other, adventure and the great outdoors. You settle down to a romantic picnic, or maybe you hike off to a secluded campsite. You spend the first few hours as a married couple together. There’s no distractions. This is the adventure elopement. And we organise it all for you – celebrant, photographer, nibblies and all.

How it works

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